Company Profile
KE ASIA was established in 1996. After 20 years of successful operation, KE ASIA anticipate a highly dynamic development evolution and consequently, KE ASIA needs to focus on its own operational excellence and technical expertise towards strategic divergence.

Thereby ensuring and still continue that KE ASIA clients receive the most effective and professional services. KE ASIA gradually participated several projects solely and exclusively managed by its own excellence-driven executive officers and expert engineers.

The company was duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (Philippines) on September 3, 1996 under the name KE ASIA INC. with S.E.C. Reg. No. A1996 054174. KE ASIA is envisaged to provide the government and private sector the same level of expe....
Company Staff (Professionalism and Teamwork)

KE ASIA will strive towards maintaining a high degree of Professional Standards to realize its vision as a leader in providing engineering consultancy services. This will manifest itself in our choice of staff assignments and supervisors for the job.

Since engineering consultancy is a very competitive field, we expect very high standards from our employees at all levels. This covers their professional skills, personal qualities, business outlook and their ability to adapt and develop during their stay with the company.

Therefore, our high technical and management standard must be constantly upgraded covering all levels of personnel through technical courses and seminars, advanced studies and participation in new development schemes.

KE ASIA together with KEI has a wide range of professional skills that can be applied to cover all ....
Company Philosophy
KE ASIA follows “applying the optimum technical solution which provides the greatest project utility at lowest practical cost”

In accordance with this policy, KE ASIA has developed a philosophy to:

· Provide the best engineering services at par with the highest international standards

· Ensure the development and application of the most advanced technological solutions that suits local conditions

· Ensure minimal project cost to satisfy the financial capability of the project.....
Company Services
KE ASIA provides consulting services for concrete and steel structures from conceptual and preliminary design to development of detailed plans, specifications and cost estimates, and construction services.

In collaboration with KEI, KE ASIA developed design concepts, systems and technologies covering a broad range of bridge and structural types, materials and methods of construction.

We strive for innovation integrating the state-of-the-art techniques with tested methods to provide optimum and practical engineering solutions. Our services also include complete inspection and investigation services, rehabilitation, repair and seismic retrofit of existing structures.

Company Services (Consulting Services)

· Transportation Planning
· Motorways
· H....
Company Computer System
KE ASIA has designed numerous complex projects applying not only the latest structural programming but also the structural innovations with aesthetically convincing structural solutions.

Equipped with modern analytical techniques, with the use of the latest Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) systems, almost any shape can be logically and correctly analyzed. Our CADD system uses the latest release of AutoCAD Desktop Software including MX Software and 3D rendering software to produce finely detailed drawings and very realistic 3D images.

The detailed designs of our projects are structured using in-house analysis and design software developed by KE ASIA for specific projects together with commercial software including SAP2000, a powerful and completely integrated p....


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